How Do SunTanco Product Work?


What are Suntanco Melanin building products and how do they work?


SunTanInABottle includes a Scientifically Formulated Tanning Complex  primarily used to significantly enhance the body’s capacity to tan. The darkening of your skin’s pigment is due to exposure to UV rays. Melanin is created in response to UV exposure to protect the skin from burning and sun damage.

A tan is similar to a shield in certain ways.

Your body will be stimulated to manufacture significantly more melanin after taking SunTaninabottle. As melanin is the primary factor in determining skin colour, the more melanin you generate, the darker your skin may become.

I am not even joking when I claim that with SunTanInABottle, a ghostly pale red-haired individual who would never think of attaining a Tan can become DARK.

The Suntaninabottle special ingredient complex has been carefully evaluated via clinical studies, which shown that it can increase melanogenesis in a safe manner (the process of melanocytes in your body producing more melanin).

As you may have predicted, fair-skinned individuals have low melanogenesis baseline levels.

As SunTanInABottle strongly stimulates melanogenesis in all users, more melanin can be created to shield the hypodermis (the layer beneath the skin) from UV rays that could cause damage.

It is safer To Gradually tan than it is to burn.

What is SunTaninabottle?

Double strength or triple strength for XL range SunTan Tanning Complex mixed with your favourite flavour. The latest and most effective way to add more melanin into your skin with no Pain or bad aftertastes added into it.

How to take?

Loading phase ( When you first start Suntaninabottle)- 9 drops per day for 8 days (3 in morning,3 at Lunch, 3 at night).

Post loading phase (when you finish the 8 days) - 20 drops every 2/3 days (10 in morning, 10 at night) To keep up your tan.

Dosages can be upped to suit desired skin tone. UV exposure sun or tanning beds is required for your tan to develop to its full potential.

How long does the tan last?

Your tan can last you up to 6 months without continuing the drops but to keep up a deep vacation tan 24/7 you can use SunTaninabottle as required.

Avoid taking in excess of 35 drops in a single 24 hour period you are just wasting product.

Storage instructions - Store bottles in your refrigerator. Keep bottles in sealed plastic bags/containers and away from food. If you are going on holiday and cant keep the bottle in a refrigerator the product will last 3 weeks.