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SunTan in a bottle

Ultimate EXTREME Tanning Kit

Ultimate EXTREME Tanning Kit

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Nasal Spray Flavour
Tanning Drops Flavour

For the Deep Tanners who want results FAST.

1 x Watermelon Tanning Accelerator Balm

1 x Coconut Cream TINGLE Accelerator Cream

1 x Deep Tan Nasal Spray 

1 x Suntaninabottle Drops 

1 x Travel Case

Choose your flavours and get ready to be BROWN!!

These products used together will give you the quickest , darkest results possible and can all be taken on holiday with you! 
All products are for indoor & outdoor use.

When using several SunTanCo products together please use products like so:


Loading Phase:

Use Suntaninabottle drops 3x drops twice a day until you finish.

Nasal spray , One spray up each nostril once a day for the first 3 days (to let your body adjust) for ultimate results continue using it twice a day until you are happy with the colour of your skin.

Watermelon Tanning Balm & Coconut Tingle Cream can be used whenever you tan indoor or outdoor tanning.

Minimum of one session per week when you are first starting to build up your colour.



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