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SunTan in a bottle

Deep Tan Watermelon Nasal Spray

Deep Tan Watermelon Nasal Spray

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It is time to throw away all the fake tan in your cupboard because this is a game changer! Welcome the 10ml 20mg DOUBLE STRENGTH nasal sprays!

Watermelon Deep Tan Nasal Spray will give you the extra Boost you need to build up your natural melanin using the Suntanco Tanning Complex. Can be used alongside other Suntanco products for the deepest of tans.


How to use me :

Loading phase ( When you first start Suntaninabottle Nasal Spray)- 1 spray up each nostril for the first 3 days (to let your body adjust).Then 2 sprays up each nostril for the remaining suntan solution left in the spray preferably spread out through the day.


Post loading phase (when you finish the nasal spray) - you can continue the initial loading phase until your happy with your colour some people may need two nasals to reach there desired colour. If your happy but still have spray left cut back to every 5 days to keep your colour. UV exposure sun or tanning beds is required for your tan to develop to its full potential.


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